The Ring of Kékkő Castle

1 500 Ft

A historical novel taking place in the 17th century Transylvania and Hungary, written by Gábor Szántai.


In the tumultuous year of 1634, Bálint Felföldi starts a quest to find the lost Ring of King Matthias Corvinus in the wildlands of the Hungarian Borderlands where the remnants of the once-great Hungarian kingdom mix with the Habsburg and Ottoman Empires.
At the center of this tale of adventure and intrigue is Bálint, the son of a Hungarian mother of the Székely frontier guards of the Carpathian Mountains and Scottish soldier-of-fortune who came to Hungary to serve the Prince of Transylvania.
On his quest, he has adventures and overcoming obstacles, hardships, and foes that seek to undermine his efforts.
The novel wishes to pay tribute to the Hussar and Hajdú warriors of the Hungarian Valiant Order of the Borderland who had been gloriously blocking the Ottoman Empire’s expansion into Europe for centuries.


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