Two young Turks who got lost at night, 1570

After so many sad stories, here is a merry one from 1570, found by the great researcher of this age, Takáts Sándor :

„There were two high-born valiant Turk warriors in Esztergom who decided to take an early morning ride in 1570. As the lads had not seen the surrounding land so far, they would have liked to look a bit around.
They crossed the Danube River on a ferry and sat in the first inn at Nagymaros. They had never tasted Hungarian wine before so they have remained there until dark. Naturally, they were in a good mood and mounted their horses to leave for home.
But they just thought so. In their wide merry mood, they forgot where they should cross the Danube so they were just going and going on but somehow the walls of Esztergom have not appeared before them.

Esztergom (1543) on a Turkish book illustration

 It was towards dawn when they arrived at the dark gate of a castle. They began to hit the door, making a great noise. The sleepy guard was quite grumpy for having to open the gate. Seeing the two riders, he let the drawbridge down so the two warriors could enter. It was time for the surprise! Instead of Turks, Hungarians stood before them.

Hungarian soldiers

They made them understand after much confusion that they were not in Esztergom but in the Hungarian Érsekújvár Castle. Of course, the Hungarian warriors were glad to get two Turk captives.
Unfortunately, they could not keep them because the incident happened during a truce. There was a Turk envoy who took the two youngsters to Buda and gave them to the Pasha. Pasha Mustafa was obviously not very delighted receiving them. The two lads threw themselves to the ground before him and were kissing his slippers. We don`t know what has befallen to them but the Pasha released two German Landsknechts as compensation for them.”

 Here are links to Érsekújvár (Nové Zámky) :

Érsekújvár castle

and to Esztergom:

Esztergom castle

(Source: Takáts Sándor via Szibler Gábor)

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