Aranyosmeggyes is in Transylvania, now it is in Romania. The Lónyai family lived in this castle: see the black-and-white pictures of 1912.

There are other non-color pictures from the later period, too. Please, see the present pictures of this magnificent building, and weep.

You can take a look at all of them in my Albums:

The place was first mentioned in a document of Hungarian King István V. in 1271. The castle was taken over from the Meggyesi family by the Báthory family by force, in 1493. It remained in their hands until 1626, then Zsigmond Lónyai inherited it in 1630.

He was the one who reinforced it in the renaissance style. It went to Anna Lónyai in 1643. She instigated the noble lords in the neighborhood in 1669 to resist the pillaging German mercenaries of Szatmár castle. After killing the mercenaries, she was sued and charged with treason. The Habsburgs had the tower of the castle destroyed and had the castle exploded in 1670. The rest of it was burnt down in 1707. Count Samuel Teleki had it restored in the 20th century and it was the best example of the Transylvanian renaissance. The Germans blew it up in WW2 and since nothing has happened to save it.