The old city of Bártfa (Bardejov, Bartfeld) is located in the Upper Lands / Horná Zem / Felvidék, now Slovakia. It is situated on the Polish border. Here is a video (in Hungarian) about the city:  http://https\://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJ7ye-xZSEQ


The city was surrounded by a wall and its main square is one of the nicest Saxon town centers among the Carpathian Mountains. Its name derives from the Hungarian “bárd” or pole-ax as it can be seen in the town’s coat of arms.

The Germans settled there after the destruction of the Mongols in 1242. Bártfa had an important role in trade, its connections with the Polish Biecz were very strong. János Hunyadi defeated the army of the Hussites led by Talafusz at the city in 1435. Yet, the Hussites took it five years later.

The town embraced the Evangelic faith in the 16th century. It was Leonard Stöckel, the friend of Melanchthon, who developed its high school in 1539. The Lutherans of Upper Hungary held their meeting there in 1590. The linen industry was very famous in Bártfa. The town has suffered a pesticide epidemic three times in the 17th century and burnt down in 1686.

The town had been sacked and destroyed many times between 1670-1680 by the mercenaries of the Habsburgs or by the rebelling Hungarian troops. Its town hall is a gothic building, it was built in 1505. The St. Egyed Cathedral dates back to the 15th century. It is the most romantic town I have ever traveled to.