A map from 1751

Below, you can see a map from 1751. This is a page from the first Hungarian historical atlas by Tomka Szászky János released in Pozsony/Pressburg, 1751. This page shows the territory of the Carpathian Basin after the conquest by the Hungarian tribes with the territorial subdivisions of the Hungarian tribes and their chieftains (Arpad, Leel, Zobolchi, Werbulchi, Gyula, etc.).

Due to the Ottoman wars, there were areas of Hungary before 1686 which could not be surveyed. After the retaking of Buda in 1686, the first map was out in 1689. In fact, it was an Atlas containing 40 small pages, with 2605 place names on them. It was due to the work of Hevenesi Gábor (1656-1715), a Jesuit priest but it remained unprinted.

However, a simplified version of it was printed in Amsterdam in 1688 by De Wit. Later, the maps of the Hungarian counties appeared on the book market and the printing house of Eperjes (Presov) also joined in the work.

In the meantime, the new map of Hungary had been drawn by Ch. Müller in 1709, according to the new surveys done after the Ottoman rule. It was the map that has been taken over by several European printing houses. The great work about the Danube River, by the famous Italian military engineer Marsigli was also completed in 1726. Remember, he was the one who collected the surviving books of King Matthias Corvinus’ library after the taking of Buda.

 Here, you can see the map made in 1709  by Johann Christoph Müller (1673-1721):
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