Selected Passages from Hungarian-Ottoman Wars between 1372-1699



Csáktornya (Cakovec) is in Croatia now, next to the Hungarian border.

It was the center of the famous Croatian-Hungarian Zrinyi family. The first family who founded the settlement in the 13th century was the Hungarian Csák family from Hahót.

It belonged to the Austrians in 1270 but the Hungarian King Károly Róbert got it back in 1328. King Louis I gave it to his Transylvanian Voivode Lackfi in 1350 who got the title of Duke of Croatia a year later.

The Kanizsai family owned it in 1397 for 8 years. The Cillei family got it in 1437 but then it went to János Vitovec.

King Matthias Corvinus gave the castle to Ernuszt János, his treasurer. They were the dukes of Croatia until 1540, too.

The Zrínyi / Zrinski family gained the castle in 1546 from the Keglevitz family. It was the Zrinyi family who had improved the castle significantly. They held such a court in this renaissance castle that was similar to a royal court in its splendor.

Zríny Miklós aka Nicholas Zrinski, the poet and general, lost his life near the castle in 1664 because of a hunting accident. (Some doubt it was a coincidence and say “that boar who killed Zrínyi spoke German”. To me, it is all the more likely because right before this “accident” Zrínyi had been greatly disappointed in the Emperor and gossip said he was offered the Hungarian crown by the Turks in secret. What would have happened if he had accepted it and would have opened a corridor toward Vienna for the Turks? Think about it. It was not for nothing that when the Turks talked about Hungary among themselves, they used to call Hungary “the country of the Zrinyis'”. )

His brother, Péter, set out from Csáktornya to Vienna in 1671 to clear the charges made against him. Although he was promised to get a safe-conduct from Emperor Leopold I, he was arrested. He was soon beheaded and General Spankau seized Csáktornya and imprisoned his family members. Here you can read more about the Zrinyi family:

The last of the Zrínyi family died in the battle of Zalánkemén in 1691, fighting for the Habsburg Emperor.

The Habsburgs later gave the castle to Count Althan in 1719.

Officially, 2016 was the year in Hungary when we commemorated Zrínyi Miklós, along with our Croatian friends.

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