The castle of Budatin is located in the Upper lands/Horná Zem/Felvidék, now Slovakia, one km from Zsolna, next to the River Vág.

It was built in the 13th century by the Hungarian Balassa family, originally it was on an island.

Later, it went to the Szúnyogh family in 1487. Around the mid 16th century, the castle was rebuilt in the Renaissance style.

The Turkish threat from the south, and more uprisings at the beginning of the 17th century forced the Szúnyogh family to fortify the castle in the Renaissance style. At that time, the Gothic castle was changed into a comfortable Renaissance palace.

During the Baroque period in the 17th century, efforts were concentrated on building a chapel and finishing various outbuildings of the castle and surrounding it by the park.

Later, its owners became the Csáky family who has owned it until 1944. Its famous library was put on fire by General Götz in 1849 in revenge for a defeat over General Hurban who had been beaten at the Jablonka Pass by the Hungarians a year before.