Komlóska, Solymos castle

Photo: Civertan

The ruined castle of Solymos is in Northern Hungary, 70 km northeast of Miskolc. The castle was built after 1312. It was first mentioned in 1379 when it was owned by the Tolcsva family. It is presumed that Uza of the Tolcsva Clan could have received a permit to build a castle after the Battle of Rozgony in 1312.

The COA of Komlóska

Two families had inhabited it, the Debrői and the Toronyai families, that’s why the castle is divided in the middle by a separating wall. The small castle was mentioned last time in a document from 1398, as a fort in ruins. It was owned by the Csirke family in 1398 but the Czech Hussites of Jan Giskra took it by force.

Photo: Czene Richard Bence

The Perényi family got it in 1404 and it was already an abandoned ruin. However, later King Matthias Corvinus had to beat the Hussites out of it so it must have been restored or rebuilt. 

Photo: Czene Richard Bence

We know it had a captain in 1460, he was Pozovai Jakab. He promised to pull the castle down to Comes Pálóczi László but these promises were not always kept. 

Photo: Czene Richard Bence

The castle stands on a 476-meter-high hill and who knows whether it had a function in the chain of castles on the Borderland during the Hungarian-Turkish wars? It could have been a shelter for the local peasants or a watch-out place but it remains to be known. Still, let us pay respect to those soldiers who may have died in it defending their Homeland.

Photo: Czene Richard Bence

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Photo: Czene Richard Bence