Selected Passages from Hungarian-Ottoman Wars between 1372-1699


Berzence in 1664

Berzence (Bistrica, Breznica) is in the southern Trans-Danubian Region of Hungary, next to the Croatian border.

Its name was first mentioned in 1332. It was given to Lóránt of the Pétz family in 1377. His son, Berzenczei Lorántfi György had a document of it from 1406. The land and its small castle were sold to Szenterzsébeti Forster György in 1468.

Its church was mentioned in 1490, (St John the Baptist Church). The castle was owned by Zalai Kelemen in 1550.

When Szigetvár Castle fell in 1566, the guards of Berzence fled and the Turks took it without a fight. The Muslims turned Berzence into a center and had it reinforced. According to their payrolls from 1568, they had 379 men there.

Zrínyi György took the castle back in 1594 but the Turks regained it soon. According to their payrolls from 1618, they had 349 soldiers there.

The Christian forces took it back during the Winter Campaign of Zrínyi Miklós in 1664.

Now, the fort has almost disappeared…

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