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Golop is in Hungary, in the eastern Zemplén county. It was first mentioned in 1255. Initially, there were two villages, Alsó- and Felső Golop. While Felső Golop belonged to Abaúj county, Alsó Golop was part of Zemplén County. It had been this way until 1455 when they were united but the separation was still alive in the 17th century.

The Vay castle in 1906

The place was the property of the Golopy family and we know that its church stood in 1330 already. The village became the domain of the Church of Eger in 1356, though. The Isépi, the Cselei, and the Dobi families owned it in 1405. Golop was given to the Dobi and the Monoki families in 1435. Zombori Nagy István and Pohárnok István owned parts of the settlement in 1473 but the Paulinian monks of Tokaj castle had property there, too. 

During the 16th century, many families owned partly- or fully the palace. Between 1548 and 1549 we know about the Byczy, Mucsey, and Geörbedy, as well as the Benczy families who had some kind of ownership. It was burned down in the Turkish times – the settlement was listed in 1567 as a destroyed place, due to the Ottoman raiding parties but it has been rebuilt.

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Golopi Gáspár was its single owner in 1571, though. Under one man’s ownership, the settlement began to improve: the palace was reinforced in 1592 by Golopi Gáspár in the Renaissance style, with walls and bastions.

There is a COA museum in Golop

We know that the good times ended for the Golopi family because there were the Szernyei, Peresznyei, and Bakos families there in 1598 who had a share in the property. Finally, it went to Ábrahám Vay in 1678 and this family had owned it until 1945. Now, you can see a very nice exhibition of the Hungarian coat of arms inside the building.

Photo: Gg.-Any

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