Selected Passages from Hungarian-Ottoman Wars between 1372-1699


Bozsok is in west Hungary, not far from Kőszeg and Szombathely.

It can boast two palaces and a castle, not to mention the ruins of two older structures which also had been forts one day.

The place was first mentioned in 1273 and it belonged to the Kőszegi family. Later the Németújvári family got it but the Garay family gained it in 1405.

King Frederick III took it in 1445 by force. When it returned to Hungary, the Hungarian king gave it to Lord Bornemissza János. According to the local tradition, the Sibrik-palace used to be a favorite hunting palace of King Matthias (Mátyás király) in the 15th century.

The village went to the Bagossy family but it was totally destroyed by the Turks in 1532 when the nearby castle of Kőszeg was under siege. The exterminated population was replaced by German and Croatian settlers and the village was given to the Sibrik family in 1538.

The palace was reinforced in 1614 because of the Turkish peril. The Batthyány family bought part of the village in 1616, they got the northern part of the settlement while the southern belonged to the Sibrik family.

Prince Rákóczi Ferenc II used to visit the Batthyány palace in 1698. We can see a field near to the cemetery of the village where the traces of an ancient earth castle can also be seen:

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