Turk shields, helmets

An Ottoman Kalkan shield

In the first picture, you can see a Turk shield, a Kalkan, 62 cm in diameter. These kinds of shields had been commonly used during the entire period of Ottoman wars. In the second, there is another one which was made of fig wood, leather, and velvet and 63 cm wide. (Hungarian National Museum)

Below, you can see various Ottoman soldiers wearing this kind of shield:


An Ottoman helmet

This is a Turban Helmet, it is a trophy of war from the arsenal of the Ottoman sultans in the former church of Saint Irene, Constantinople (now Istanbul), Turkey. Presently, it is on display in the Philadelphia Museum of Art, U.S.A. The artist/maker is unknown, probably it is from the Middle East. Date: c. 1450-1508

Engraved steel hatched with silver and gold; copper alloy
Height (bowl and mail together): 6 3/8 inches (16.2 cm) Height (bowl only): 12 3/16 inches (31 cm) Diameter (base of bowl): 10 7/16 inches (26.5 cm) Weight: 6 lb., 6 pounds 0.3 ounces (2730 x 2730g)
Inscribed in Arabic (translated): Made at the order of the greatest sultan, the mightiest Khāqān, the master of the necks of the nations, the lord of the kings of the Arabs and Persians, the shadow of Allah on the continents . . . (around the base)

According to the museum’s description, the following geographic areas could be considered for its origin:

Made in Ak-Koyunlu (historical name), Asia
or Armenia, Asia
or Azerbaijan, Asia
or northern Iraq, Iraq, Asia
or western Iran, Iran, Asia
Possibly made in eastern Turkey, Turkey, Asia

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