Selected Passages from Hungarian-Ottoman Wars between 1372-1699

Sources and recommended readings

I would like to tell you that I owe lots of thanks to the following pages and people. I am just translating their precious work into English, all the praise should go to them.

Firstly, the most appreciated work is coming from the people who are running this page:

They have millions of pictures and wonderfully researched stories. 

Also, I could do nothing without the well-organized and prompt information coming from the FB page of Szibler Gábor and Szerecz Miklós:


I would like to express my gratitude to Suzanna Lahner King: her editing work was crucial to my writings.

I am grateful for the plentiful materials sent to me by my Croatian friend, Zed Zidar.

The blog of Denever Szabó has contributed enormously to my work, too:

Beautiful pictures and valuable resources were found in the Hungarian FB groups where I am a member:


Műemlékek fóruma:

Várjáró magazin:

Amatőr Várkutatók fóruma:


Várak, kastélyok, templomok magyar földön:

I owe special thanks to the Hagyomány és Múltidéző – a történelmi tudástár:

I am also thankful for having taken many pictures from the database of the Arcanum:

The nicest pictures were borrowed from the Civertan Studio:

I would like to thank for the fantastic pictures taken by Sz Podmaniczky Katalin. She is an expert in making the best pictures of reenactors. Here, I would like to thank for the Hungarian reenactors who either took photos or gave their appearance to the pictures.

The work of Somogyi Győző is very much appreciated; here are his books available on the Amazon:


There are other pages and people I will add soon…


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