Selected Passages from Hungarian-Ottoman Wars between 1372-1699

Varkocs György, the defender of Székesfehérvár Castle

The roots of his family reach back to Silesia. Having arrived in Hungary, the members of the family gradually have become Hungarians while they were famous for fighting against the Turks. The first known ancestor of the family was Varkuch Kristóf but later they used it in Hungarian fashion and were mentioned like Varkóczy, Varkócz, Varkocs.
The statue of Varkocs Ferenc in Székesfehérvár

Varkocs Tamás used to be one of the captains of Eger Castle and took part in making the fort’s construction stronger. One of the bastions was named after him.
Varkocs György was another renowned member of the family who died in defending (Székes)Fehérvár Castle, the ancient coronation town of the Hungarian kings.


As it happened, the burghers of the town were against his appointment, knowing that he would fight until the last man.
It is known that the wealthier burghers had made contact with the Ottomans even before the siege began in 1543. They were negotiating about the surrender of the city when Lord Varkocs arrived on 20 August and officially took over the command. The Ottoman troops were right on his heels.

The siege of Székesfehérvár on a Turkish miniature

The siege began by heavy artillery bombardment and fierce assaults followed each other. The Turks managed to break into the outer city on 2 September and those who tried to fend them off were not allowed to get into the inner castle because the burghers closed the gate. The Hungarian warriors faced the enemy but they were outnumbered and massacred. Varkocs György fell with them.
Later, the Turks executed many of the burghers so the city got depopulated: southern Slavic inhabitants were settled in Székesfehérvár aka Üsztüni-Belgirád in Turkish.

Székesfehérvár in Ottoman hands

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