The castle and the Renaissance palace of Bonchida (Bruck) can be found in Transylvania, now in Romania.

I found you a nice video about it with English subtitles:

Bonchida was first mentioned in 1263. It had been the property of the Hungarian Bánffy family for 600 years and its castle used to be the Bánffy family’s castle. It had been often referred to as the “Versailles” of Transylvania.

Originally, the basic fort was built between 1437 and 1543 by the Bánffy family.

Bánffy Dénes began the reinforcement of the palace in 1650, using the stones of the ruined Doboka castle for it. Transylvania’s first man, Bánffy György, continued the construction in 1690. The palace was actively used in the war of independence of Prince Rákóczi Ferenc II, between 1704-1711.

It was turned into a baroque palace in 1745.

Most sadly, the villagers used the stones of the castle for building material in the 1950s. The castle was put on fire in the 1960s as part of a film making. Bánffy Katalin returned to Romania after the 1990s and sued the castle back; she began restoring in 2001. Now, you can see the old and the newer pictures alike.

The palace was put on the list of the world’s 100 most endangered palaces in 1999.