Selected Passages from Hungarian-Ottoman Wars between 1372-1699


Pallache (sword, in Hungarian “pallos”) with Scabbard
Artist/maker unknown, Hungarian
(in Philadelphia Museum of Art, U.S.A.)
Made in Hungary, Europe
Etched and partially blued and gilded steel (blade); gilded silver, wood, velvet (hilt); wood, velvet, gilded silver (scabbard)

My remark:
This weapon is called “pallos” in Hungarian and it was used from horseback. It has a straight, sometimes double-edged blade, the grip is one-handed and slanted. It was used in the wars of the “Hungaries” (Royal Hungary, Principality of Transylvania and the Ottoman Occupied Lands of Hungary) during the 16th but mainly in the 17th century. Similar weapons were used in the Ottoman Army as well. It was not uncommon that Hungarian warriors used the excellent Eastern blades that they had got from bounty so as to use them in Hungarian fashioned swords.



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