Historical fictions and short stories

My Jornada 720 and my Regenyei-longsword


Read my short stories in the sub-sequent pages and have fun. My goal was to entertain you with well-researched historical fiction stories. There are a few writings from my book “33 Castles, Battles, Legends” and from my historical novel the “Ring of Kékkő Castle”, a story that takes place in the lands of the 17th century “Hungaries”.

Also, there are a few interviews conducted by the reporters of Time & Travel Company, snippets from my coming book. You can read how T&T Co.’s time-traveling correspondents are making interviews with the remarkable figures of Hungarian history.

It is needless to say, it is a trap set for telling you the events of this marvelous age.

Also, do not miss the great book of Zed Zidar: