Erdőd (Ardud)

Erdőd (Ardud)

The castle of Erdőd (in Romanian Ardud, in German Erdeed) is in the Partium which belonged to the Transylvanian Principality.

It is 17 km to Szatmárnémeti to the south. Now it belongs to Romania. There is another castle called Erdőd in Croatia, though.

The town was first mentioned in 1215 as Herdeud. It was the Hungarian lord called Drágffy Bertalan who had its castle built in 1481. It was the castle where the Protestants of Transylvania laid down the foundations of their faith in 12 points in 1545.

The next Protestant Synod was held there in 1555. King János Zsigmond besieged the fort in 1565 and had it ruined down.

Lord Károlyi Sándor had his palace built there between 1727-1730 by using the stones of the old castle. The palace is famous for a wedding: Petőfi Sándor, the famous Hungarian poet wed Szendrey Júlia there in 1847.

Now we can see only some nicely renovated parts of the buildings because they had been destroyed in WWII.