The fortified church of the Szekler village of Csíkszenttamás (Tomești), in Transylvania, presently in Romania. It is famous for the Csonkatorony (“ruined tower”) that was built in 1592.

The settlement was first mentioned in 1333 as Sancto Toma. Its old village used to stand 2-3 kilometers further where we can see the remains of its old Gothic church tower. This church used to be surrounded by a wall but it was pulled down in 1725.

As for the inhabitants, there lived only Hungarian Székelys in 1910, altogether 2791. There were 2770 counted in 1992, just 4 of them were non-Hungarians.

The church in the village was built in 1778 and you can find inside many precious pieces of art salvaged from the 15th-century church. The most famous of them is the Madonna of Csíkszenttamás, a statue made in the middle of the 15th century.

There was a castle next to the village that was once called Balaskó castle but only its name survived the centuries.

The Abaffy family once had a stately home that was built in the 17th century, reinforced with two bastions.

It is interesting, that the ancient cemetery next to the Csonkatorony is still in use.