Selected Passages from Hungarian-Ottoman Wars between 1372-1699

The regulations of Regéc castle 1679

The virtuous castle where “shitty whores” were not permitted to enter: the rules of a Hungarian Castle (Source: Csaba Nagy) – sorry for the vulgarity, it was how it had been penned, literally. It was needed because the people washed at the only well of the castle and they were afraid of the gaol-fever.

This was Regéc Castle and it was the owner of the castle, Ilona Zrínyi who gave this order in her document written in 1679 which contained the following rules as well. (see the link below and read more about it in my albums)
As it was common in the castles of the Borderland, all lecherous women were banned out from there. It was because of healthy and sanitary reasons and also they wanted to prevent fighting among the soldiers. 
Another rule banned the men to climb the walls, the penalty was the loss of their head. If a guard fell asleep on duty, he was just beaten up at first (three stick beatings) but he was thrown down the wall at the second time.
If somebody drew a saber on his mate in the castle, his hand had to be cut off. In case the soldier injured his mate, his head was to be cut off.
At nights, the castle had to be patrolled around on the beating of the drum.
If a servant happened to leave the castle without the captain’s permit and did not return before the night, he (or she) was thrown to the dungeon and beaten up.
If somebody happened to get captured and thrown into the dungeon, the captain had to be told immediately.
The wives of the soldiers had to discipline themselves and should not quarrel nor swear with each other, no brawls between them. If one was caught doing any of these, she had to receive 12 stick beatings at the gate; if she was stubborn, had to be chased away from the castle.
People caught cursing were simply thrown into the dungeon for a half day or had to pay a gold Forint (half month’s pay) and receive 12 beatings with a stick.
Ilona Zrínyi made a rule about the cleaning of the weapons and about practicing with the guns monthly. The foot soldiers had to wear proper shoes on the parade-ground.
The guard of the prisoners was responsible for the captives with his head.
Also, water had to be kept on the walls and all the chimneys had to be swept weekly so as to prevent fires.


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