Selected Passages from Hungarian-Ottoman Wars between 1372-1699

Döbrönte, Szarvaskő

Döbrönte, Szarvaskő

The village of Döbrönte is situated on the western slopes of the Bakony hills of Hungary.

King Louis the Great gave a permit to his Comes of Pozsony called Himfy Benedek to build a stone castle in 1367 at Döbrönte.

The Gyulaffy family of Rátót attacked and looted the castle in 1401. The members of the Himffy family also became robber-knights like many small lords of that age. They attacked and looted the Monastery of Pannonhalma in 1464. It was King Matthias Corvinus who stopped them and gave their castle, Szarvaskő, to Baron László of Kanizsa.

Somehow, the Himffy family got the castle back and their family members were fighting against each other to own the place. As it happened, the men of Lőrinc of Himffy were forced out of the castle in 1469 who took revenge by destroying their own village.

The castle went to Essegvári Ferenc by a marriage in 1499. After 1526, the castle was reinforced because of the Ottoman threat.

The Diet of Pozsony (Pressburg, Bratislava) in 1547 voted to pay five more hussars in its garrison. It was a small fort in the chain of the frontier castles but these small castles kept the country – and Europe – intact.

The castle was still standing in 1555. Its destruction may have been brought about by a Turkish raid soon afterward.

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