Castles and Fortifications in the Carpathian Basin – MAP

I am creating a list of castles, forts, and fortified churches that are connected to Hungarian history. For now, I got ready with nearly 300 of such castles but there are hundreds (if not thousands) remaining to be translated and placed on the map. I would like to create a full English database over the next few years. Many of these fortifications can be found outside the modern borders of Hungary but once they used to be part of the Kingdom of Hungary. 

Let’s study our past

Wikipedia does not always have a detailed English description or just a few basic facts. Quite often, the Hungarian history of these castles is either not mentioned or marginalized, sometimes intentionally. I have even met a few articles where the facts were falsified in favor of other nations. However, the truth should be told because the students in western schools do not learn much about Hungarian history. This is too bad because simply put, there would be a lot fewer western schools without the efforts of Hungarians in defending western civilization. I would like to make it commonly known that the Hungarians fought this war for centuries, and suffered such ethnic losses in the meantime which crippled the country. Without understanding these fights, it is not possible to fathom the present situation in Central and Eastern Europe. 

Here is the summary of my work in general:

In my articles about the castles, I relied on the sources of contemporary Hungarian researchers, however, the descriptions are not full. Hopefully, I will be able to improve them in the future. Yet, as far as I know, presently there is no other database about Hungarian castles in the English language, so we have to make do with my gap-filling project. My goal is to tell the world that European history would have been absolutely different without these castles, especially those that belonged to the Borderland during the Ottoman wars between the 1400s and 1699. You can read more about the 1,000-mile-long Hungarian-Croatian-Transylvanian Borderland on my page:

The southern Borderland of Hungary before 1521
The Borderland after 1580

My intention was to show lots of nice pictures to the Readers, so there is a gallery of images next to the articles. However, I have a few castles and fortified churches without a gallery, I still have to find the proper pictures. Hereby I would like to express my gratitude to those generous people who have given their photos to me to use them. 

Here is the map where you can find lots of castles related to Hungarian history, enjoy them, and share them with your friends:


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