Bethlenszentmiklós (Szentmiklós, Miklosdorf) is in Transylvania, Romania.

The place originally had belonged to the Küküllő Castle. It was a Saxon settlement and it was first mentioned in 1309 as “villa Sancti Nicolai” and its priest was a Saxon man who was mentioned to have denied paying taxes.

It was called Miklosdorf in 1332 and paid 40 denarii as a tax to the Pope. The settlement (Zenthmyklos) was gifted to Gergely Bethlen in 1390 by Hungarian King Sigismund. Farkas Bethlen built a fort at this place in the 16th century but it cannot be seen now.

The building can be described as a late renaissance or an early-baroque palace. It was built by the Hungarian aristocrat Bethlen Miklós between 1668-1683 and it was allowed to crumble down between 1945-2016.

The building is a nice example of how the local Transylvanian tradition was mixed with Italian architectural elements. The castle used to be surrounded by walls and bastions but now they are gone. The building is a nice example of the mixture of renaissance and early baroque styles of Transylvania. Even today 70% of the village next to the fort is Hungarian populated.

Hopefully, it is to be renovated since it has become private property.