Selected Passages from Hungarian-Ottoman Wars between 1372-1699

Berenhidai Huszár Péter, a Hungarian Hero

A contemporary drawing of Berenhidai Huszár Péter

He was a valiant Hungarian soldier who was closed in a prison for his victories. He was one of the greatest warriors but he was not appreciated by the Habsburg ruler as much as he should have been.
Berenhidai Huszár Péter (?-?1603) used to be a hussar officer in the 16th century Hungarian Borderland. (Note, I use the Eastern name order for Hungarian names.)
He began his career as a mere hussar of the Valiant Order but he has become the greatest duelist, falling in the footsteps of Lord Thury György.

After he defeated the Turk Deli Csáffer in a duel, he and his captain were invited to Vienna and it is a fact that he got imprisoned for a short time for this fight.
Although duels were banned so far nobody had been punished for it with prison. He, the winner of many duels and victor of many battles became the first who was sent to the dungeon for it.
He was appointed as the chief-captain of Pápa in 1593, though.

Pápa in 1597

Due to his many victories, even the Turks honored and respected him. The most famous commanders of the age had asked for his council and he was fighting in the units of Nádasdy Ferenc (the Black Bey), in Batthyány Boldizsár and Zrínyi György (Jurij)’s units. There were no major battles without him.

His next court case was held because of the taking of the Castle of Koppány as he had taken part in it with the warriors of Pápa City without having obtained a permit beforehand.

Later he went to serve the Prince of Transylvania. There he voted against Prince Báthory Zsigmond and was imprisoned to Déva castle; it was General Basta who set him free.

Basta made him the captain of Lugos. At the siege of Lugos Castle, he was captured and was ceded to the Tatars by Székely Mózes and the Tatars killed him mercilessly, to the eternal shame of Székely Mózes.
They ritually murdered him in front of their leader’s tent, drank from his blood, skinned his skull, and stuffed it with hay.

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