1588: the destruction of Endréd Palisade Castle

23 October 1588, Berenhidai Huszár Péter destroyed the Palisade Castle of Endréd 

The ‘small war’ between the Ottoman Empire and the Hungarians raged on as usual, despite the truce. In fact, the members of the Valiant Order – including the Turks – agreed that a siege without cannons was not a breach of the peace.

Tihany (Photo: Mocsarbalazs)

The Hungarian Borderland warriors on the northern shore of Lake Balaton, namely in the castles of Tihany, Csobánc and Pápa, had long been annoyed by the palisaded castle of Endréd (Balatonendréd), which was held by the Ottoman soldiers on the southern shore. It was Captain Pisky István of Tihany Castle who first attacked and occupied Endréd in the summer of 1587. He also brought home a lot of booties.

The remains of the Turk earth palisade castle at Endrőd (picture: Szőlősi Gábor)

When the Turks repaired the fortress, it was attacked again by the troops of Captain Berenhidai Huszár Péter of Pápa Castle. The captain crossed the waters of Lake Balaton at dawn on 23 October 1588. Then he joined the troops of Pisky István and attacked the castle of Endréd.

The Palisade castles in Somogy County

As for Captain Tarnóczy Farkas of Veszprém Castle, he didn’t dare join them for fear of the Turks’ reaction, not to mention the presumed reproach from Vienna. The soldiers of Huszár and Pisky defeated the Ottoman guards and the agha and took 9 prisoners home. They also captured 29 horses.

The contemporary picture of Huszár Péter

The Pasha of Buda was furious and demanded the punishment of Huszár Péter, and the military council in Vienna promised to take action against the trucebreakers. But it was only a promise. Here is more about the life of Huszár Péter:


Vienna only punished the losers for such actions, while the winners escaped blame and were sometimes even rewarded.

(Source: Szibler Gábor)

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