Selected Passages from Hungarian-Ottoman Wars between 1372-1699

Misconceptions, generalizations

There are basically two main groups of misconceptions. Time to time we bump into articles or films that were created out of sheer ignorance or dull superficial generalizations. These tabloid-style pieces of information about Hungarians and Turks are only created to attract attention and sell advertisements. They are rather annoying than ill-purposed. However, there are quite a few posts and films which serve religious, ethnic or political propaganda. Let us list the ten most common misconceptions:

  1. It was the mighty Habsburgs alone who stopped the Ottoman expansion.

    Habsburg Ferdinand I
  2. It was the staunch Hungarians alone who stopped it.
  3. No, it was the brave Vlad Tepes, the father of Dracula.

    Vlad Tepes
  4. The Ottoman rule brought about peace and prosperity in the Balkan and in Hungary. Religious tolerance prevailed and there was no bloody national contest in the Empire.
  5. Törcsvár (Bran) castle was the nest of Count Dracula in Transylvania.

    Souvenir shop in Bran / Törcsvár castle
  6. Lady Elisabeth Bathori drank the blood of Slovakian virgins.

    Lady Bathory Erzsébet
  7. The Principality of Transylvania was just a mere satellite-state of the Turks, a virtual sanjak, a poisonous snake who attacked the Christian powers in the back.
  8. No, it was totally independent and 100% Hungarian.
  9. The Hungarian Kingdom ceased to exist in 1526, after the battle of Mohács.
  10. The Turks were here for 150 years: the military conflict lasted basically only for these 150 years between the Ottoman Turks and Hungarians.

Well, there are many more misconceptions but let us talk about these ten questions at first.

(If you happened to find some more, please do tell me.)

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