Csábrág or Csábrágvarbók (Čabradský Vrbovok) is located in the Upper lands/Horná Zem/Felvidék, now Slovakia. It was mentioned first in 1276; it was guarding the roads to the Mining Cities.

King Károly Róbert built its castle after 1335 and gave it to the Dobrakutya family. The castle used to be called “Litva” for a while. How many castles can be found in the Carpathian Basin? Is there a country richer in values than this?

Csábrág castle became a better-fortified castle in the 16th century and was manned by royal guards. It was reinforced in 1511 by  Bakócz Tamás. After on, it belonged to Erdődy and Pálffy families.

From 1547 to 1549 it passed to the noble family of Balassa, in 1584 to local family Illésházy and in 1622 to yeomen Koháry. The raiding Ottoman troops could never take the castle.

Now it is being restored, our Slovakian friends restore many old castles so we had better follow their examples.