This small palace of the Hungarian Bethlen family can be found in Bún or Kisbún, Transylvania.

Now it is in Romania. Bún is located 8 km north-east from Segesvár (Sighișoara, Schäßburg), on the bank of the River Nagy-Küküllő. The settlement used to belong to the lands of the Bethlen family and later to the Haller family, just like Fehéregyháza that has become part of Segesvár city during the history.

The palace of Bethlen at Bún now resembles a rather ruined manor house. It was Bethlen Farkas (1639-1679) who had the palace built in Renaissance style in the first part of the 17th century.

There were small towers at the corners of the building. Haller Gábor advised him to have a stone wall built around it in 1640. They built Italian-bastions at the corners of the outer wall, according to the fashion of the age.

Chancellor Bethlen János (1612-1678) made further changes in 1669 but the final form of the palace was finished only in the 19th century. It was the time when its facade was built, similar to the palace of the Bethlens in the village of Bethlenszentmiklós.

The building could survive until the 20th century quite intact. The office of the Kolkhoz of Fehéregyháza had been in it until the 1970s but it was abandoned due to a flood. The palace was still standing in the 1980s.

Its destruction began in the 1990s when its stones and parts were stolen. It is a shame that it could happen.