Ceramics from the 15-17th centuries

Most of our Gothic and Renaissance heritage went up in smoke during the centuries of defending Europe from the Ottoman Empire. However, we may get a glimpse into the inside of old castles and buildings if we take a look at the surviving pieces of ceramics. Many of them depict Hungarian cavalrymen of the age. Here are a few tiles, enjoy them:

Here, you can see the image of a hussar from Fülek Castle, it is on a piece of a ceramic stove from 1554:

You can read more about Fülek Castle here:  https://www.hungarianottomanwars.com/kingdom-of-hungary/fulek/

In the second picture, there is St George on a 14th-century stove piece (tile) from Visegrád:

The next is from Buda, middle of the 15th century:

Then, a restored stove from the age of King Matthias Corvinus:

All the rest of the tiles are from the recent excavations conducted in Transylvania in Székelykeresztúr (Cristuru Secuiesc), they were found among the ruins of Székely nobles’ stately homes. (16th century)

The Chief Székelys were the only ones who rode on small horses on which there were decorated blankets under the saddle and equally decorated leather carry front and back.

In one of their hands, they hold a lance with flags or an estoch (hegyestőr), in the other the hussar shield and a round shield.

More about “hegyestőr”: https://www.hungarianottomanwars.com/swords-and-sabers/hegyestor-estoc-koncerz/

The Székely cavalrymen wore short Dolmány (dolman), some of them breastplates and huge spurs on their boots.

More about Hungarian Székelys:  https://www.hungarianottomanwars.com/essays/who-were-the-szekelys/

Transylvania was a sheltered area of the Hungarian Renaissance during the Ottoman wars…

Next to the Székelys, lived the German Saxons of Transylvania: 



The last tile: Samson (with a typical Hungarian mustache) is fighting against the lion:


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