Selected Passages from Hungarian-Ottoman Wars between 1372-1699

The reconquest wars of Hungary

The liberation of Hungary: an animation video with English subs.
(Perhaps “liberation” is not the best term used here.)

The liberation of the South Trans-Danubian Region of Hungary

My remark: this final war has been the third major disaster that wiped off entire Hungarian settlements (the first was made by Sultan Suleiman after 1526, the second happened during the 15-Year-War between 1591-1606).

Also, the reconquest of Hungary could not have happened without the Valiant Order’s participation…

It was how the Habsburgs could seize the power not only over Royal Hungary and the Ottoman Occupied Lands but the Principality of Transylvania was doomed, too.
These three parts of the “Hungaries” got united under the Habsburg monarchs for 200 years…
At last, World War One found us under their rule and thus the term “Hungaries” was reborn in 1918.
Except, that now it was torn into eight parts, not just three…

Here is the video:

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