Gyimesbükk (or Ghemes, as it was called initially) castle is located in Transylvania, now Romania.

There is a small fort between Gyimesbükk and Palánka which used to guard the historical Hungarian border in the Tatros River’s valley. It is called Rákóczi Castle but it was Prince Bethlen who had it erected.

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Although it had been a crossing place before, the castle is said to have been built by Prince Gábor Bethlen about 1626. It was an important border post against the Tatars from Moldova. In a time of peace, there were always two guards watching over the pass as it was noted in 1677.

There were 134 steps leading up to the castle. It was called Rákóczi castle because Prince Rákóczi had it reinforced.

It was a quite important border station, even the Habsburg monarch King Joseph II paid a visit there in 1773.