Photo: Kocsis Kadosa

The castle of Buják is in the northern part of Hungary. It was built after the Mongolian invasion but was first mentioned only in 1303. The castle was given to Báthory István in 1439 and the Hussites could not take it by siege next year. As the Báthory family was not loyal to Hungarian King Szapolyai János, the castle was taken away from them and was given to Werbőczy István in 1528.

Photo: Civertan

Yet, its owner became Báthory András in 1551. The Báthory family had the outer wall and a big bastion built against the Turkish peril. András owned the castle only for a year. Pasha Ali of Buda took the castle after barely five days of siege because the guards ran away at night, on 19 July 1552. According to the Turks’ payroll of 1556-57, there were 28 Turkish defenders in it.

Photo: Pasztorperc

The Chief Judge of Hungary, Báthory István took the castle back in 1593. The troops of Prince Bocskayi István captured it in 1605. Soon, it went back to the Habsburgs in 1606, according to the Truce of Vienna. Later the castle went to the Várady family and then to Bosnyák Tamás, the captain of Fülek castle.

Photo: AZso

The Turks took it again in 1663 and placed there 50 defenders. Balassa Imre, captain of Gyarmat, took it back from them some months later. They had promised to let the Turkish soldiers go away untouched. Despite this, the Turks were attacked and most of them were slaughtered near Csécse. Agha Martuzi, the Turkish captain of Hatvan castle got mad because of this and immediately laid siege on the castle. He agreed with the Hungarian defenders to let them go untouched and Buják castle’s captain, Berczeley János accepted the terms. Despite the agreement, the Turks took revenge and slaughtered most of the Hungarians.

Photo: Civertan

The Turks mended the castle but they reconsidered it and had it exploded in 1666. Today some walls of the Turkish mosque still can be seen. As this castle had exchanged hands so many times, I decided to place it under the Ottoman Occupied Lands sub-menu.

Photo: Kocsis Kadosa

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