Selected Passages from Hungarian-Ottoman Wars

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My goal is to tell the properly researched history of how the Hungarians and many soldiers from Europe fought against the might of the Ottoman Empire from 1368 to 1699. It is hard to find information about this age in English, so come and join my work.

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I have been sharing posts on my FB page “Hungaries 1632” since 2016. However, FB began to limit my shares and my posts could not be placed in many FB groups where I am a member. I had to create a searchable and safe place where I can store my articles. 

In 2019, I launched this self-hosted page where I am posting selected passages about the history of this period, including the descriptions of hundreds of castles of the region. I am constantly updating this page with new content that I would like to make available to the subscribers.

Note, I am not sponsored by anybody in Hungary or abroad, in spite of the dozens of letters I sent to organizations I thought they would care about Hungarian history. Nobody helped me with anything, except for the Friends of Hungary Foundation and a few good-hearted individuals who liked my page.

I would like you to be updated and receive all of my latest posts as there are not many places on the internet where you could easily find such information in the English language. I am going to describe hundreds of Hungarian castles and tell you about hundreds of historical events if God’s willing. 

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