Alsóbajom ( Boian, Bonnesdorf) is a Saxon settlement in Transylvania, Seben County, now it is in Romania. It is 20 km from Medgyes (Medias) to the south-west. It was first mentioned as villa Boneti in 1309. 

Alsóbajom 1

 It used to be a settlement of the Saxon peasant of Küküllő County, belonging to Küküllő Castle. It was the Hungarian King Matthias who gifted the village in 1489 to Voivode Stephan III of Moldova as fiefs. Today, the coat of arms of Moldavia appears in the church and on the gate tower. The place went to Voivode Petru Rares in 1529. This ownership lasted until the reign of Alexandru Lăpuşneanu, when the princes of Transylvania decided to reclaim the village. Alsóbajom is famous for its Lutheran church which was built in 1404 and was fortified in 1506. The gothic arch of the church has the date „1518“ on it.

Alsóbajom on the modern map

There are some scant remains of a previous fresco inside the church. The church was surrounded by a wall in the second part of the 16th century. The bigger bell was cast in 1477 and we can read this text on it: O REX GLORIAE VENI CUM PACEM while the smaller one was made in 1644 and its script says VERBUM DOMINI MANET IN ETERNUM .

Alsóbajom, inside

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