Selected Passages from Hungarian-Ottoman Wars

Central European chainmail, after 1550, Dresden. Made for the Electoral Saxon.

Here is another chainmail from the age:

According to the description of the museum:
“It is a Hauberk (Shirt) of Mail for Ceremonial Use
Artist/maker unknown, Hungarian
(in Philadelphia Museum of Arts, U.S.A.)
Made in Transylvania, Europe
c. 1550-1600
Silvered copper alloy, gilded copper alloy mounts; colored glass
Height: 32 13/16 inches (83.3 cm) Width (across the shoulders): 22 7/16 inches (57 cm) Waist (circumference as mounted): 50 inches (127 cm) Weight: 14.2 lb., 14 pounds 2.9 ounces (6433.7 x 6433.7g)”

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