Selected Passages from Hungarian-Ottoman Wars

Renaissance Tiles from Hungary

Ceramics from the 15-17th centuries of the “Hungaries” ( after 1541 these parts were Royal Hungary, Transylvania, and the Ottoman Occupied Lands)

We can get a very special look inside the life of the people through the stoves and ceramics. Please, enjoy the pictures:
First pic: Prophet Abraham from Salgó Castle;

2nd: Hungarian ornaments from Transylvanian tiles;

3rd: a tile from the Anjou age with a coat of arms on it;

4th: a tile-stove from Csobánc Castle;

Read more about Csobánc castle here:

5th: tile with a stag and a star from Transylvania;

6th: a Gothic style stove-tile;

7th: a stove from Gyula Castle;

More about Gyula Castle:

8th: a tile with King Matthias Corvinus on it;

9th: a tile from the age of King Matthias Corvinus;

10th: a drawing of a stove from Szentkirály, 15th century;

11th: a stove from Kalotaszeg, Transylvania (a quite modern one);

12th: modern reconstruction of a 17th-century tiled-stove from Barakony.

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