Borostyánkő (Bernstein)

Borostyánkő (Bernstein)

The castle of Borostyánkő now is in Austria and it is called Bernstein.

This castle was built in the 13th century as part of the western borderland that was guarding the Hungarian Kingdom. The Austrian Prince Frederick took it in 1231 but Hungarian King Béla IV. took it back in 1235.

Albrecht I, Prince of austria was seriously defeated at the castle in 1285 but he managed to take it four years later. The castle had frequently exchanged hands between the Hungarians and the Austrians.

After the death of King Matthias, the castle went to Austria and had remained there until 1647.

The Turks laid an unsuccessful siege on it in 1532 and the castle’s gunpowder tower exploded in 1536. The huge bastions were built after 1546. The gunpowder exploded again in the tower in 1617. Again, the castle was rebuilt in 1625.

The Hungarian Batthyányi family became its owner between 1636-1864.