Selected Passages from Hungarian-Ottoman Wars between 1372-1699



Borosjenő (Romanian: Ineu, Serbian: Janopol, Turkish: Yanova), used to belong to the Principality of Transylvania as it is on the Eastern edge of the Hungarian Great Plain. Now, it is part of Romania. It was first mentioned in 1295 as Castri Jeneu. The Hungarian Losonczy family owned it in the 14-15th centuries. We know that Losonczy István, Bán (Duke) of Szörény wrote one of his letters from there in 1387.

Serbians fled here from Sultan Murad and settled here after 1438. The Serbians named the place in honor of Hunyadi János. You can read more about him here:

Borosjenő castle was taken by the Turks in 1564 but Borbély György fought it back in 1595, defeating the 700 Ottoman soldiers who were defending it. The fort was owned by Hungarians, Germans, and Turks and it has an inner castle and an outer one, defended by moats. Evlyia Celebi, the great Turkish traveler gave a detailed description of this castle after 1658.

After the fall of Lippa in 1616, it became a Borderland castle against the Turks. It had a grand Renaissance palace that was damaged in a fire in 1618 but it was extended and renovated between 1625-1630 by Captain Gálffy György. However, it was not in mint condition in 1645 when the new chief captain, Haller Gábor had to follow the order of Prince Rákóczi by repairing the bastions.  (Boros)Jenő belonged to the Transylvanian princes, it had always been badly wanted by the Turks who finally got it again in 1658 after a few days of siege because the defenders fled. The Ottomans had owned it until 1693 when General Veterani took it back.

The castle is in very bad condition now and as far as I know, nobody can enter the area. I found this video, it is in the Hungarian language: http://https\://

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