Barcarozsnyó castle and its fortified church


Barcarozsnyó (Râșnov, Rosenauis) is in Transylvania, now Romania, and its fort was a Saxon “peasant-castle”. As the Turks raided the settlement as early as 1421, the fort had a greater significance. The castle went to the settlement’s possession in 1427 and the Hungarian king, King Zsigmond of Luxembourg who was presently staying there, awarded them the right to keep markets. The Turks were destroying there in 1513 and it burnt down in 1585.

Prince Gábor Báthory in 1612 could take the castle because the defenders ran out of drinking water. The Tatars could take it neither in 1655 nor 1658. It was sacked in 1688 by the troops of Count Louis of Baden. The Austrian General Rabutin burnt it in 1708. You can see here the picture of the fortified church of the village, too.