Selected Passages from Hungarian-Ottoman Wars

Captain András Barcsai of Lugos Castle defeated Pasha Szulejmán of Temesvár at Lugos on 07 July 1598

Regarding the fights on the Transylvanian Borderland, the Christians were the ones who usually initiated the struggles.
The Turks attacked less frequently but now it was the Ottomans who assaulted the Hungarians during the summer of 1598.

Pasha Szülejmán of Temesvár (Timisoara) set out against Csanád Castle but he withdrew his troops when the Hungarian reinforcement, led by Captain Király György of Várad Castle (Oradea) was approaching.

A bit later, it was Barcsai András, Captain of Lugos and Karánsebes who laid a trap to the Pasha. He, with the aid of Turk deserters, made the Pasha believe that he could attack the weak-looking castle of Lugos.

Hajdú soldiers

The captain hid 200 Hajdú soldiers a bit farther from the castle and waited for Pasha Szulejmán. When the Pasha ambushed Lugos castle in the dawn of 7 July, the captain had the bridge of the Temes River destroyed which was behind the Turks.
Then, he sallied from the castle and the Hajdú soldiers attacked the enemy from behind.

Ottoman soldiers

The Ottomans had about 2,000 men and they suffered heavy casualties. Many of them drowned in the Temes river. The captain’s men placed 481 Ottoman heads on the ramparts of the castle and took 250 captives. Captain Barcsai had lost just a few soldiers.

Temesvár in Ottoman hands

(Source: Szibler Gábor)