Welcome to the Centuries of the Hungarian-Ottoman Wars!

Welcome to the Centuries of the Hungarian-Ottoman Wars!

In this Blog I wish to share with you an exciting, though not well known or

understood, a period of time. It was a real-life Game of Thrones, with all of Europe, itself, as the final prize. Its events had many far-reaching consequences which still affect our lives to this day in many and surprising ways.

To fill in the gap in the English-speaking social media, I began my

Facebook page „Hungaries 1632” in 2016.

The term „Hungaries” was created to describe the Hungarian-Ottoman wars on the lands of Royal Hungary, Transylvania, and the Ottoman Occupied Lands.

My goal was to tell the properly researched history of how the Hungarians and many soldiers from Europe fought against the might of the Ottoman Empire from 1372 to 1699.

Who were the warriors of the Valiant Order, the last knights of Europe? I would like to give an account of their fights on the 1,000-mile-long Borderland that separated the Christian and the Muslim world for so many generations. At the same time, I would like to describe all their castles and strongholds.

I hope that I do justice in my telling of these stories, so that I may properly honor our ancestors.

Now, the time has come to start a self-hosted Blog which is easily searchable and cannot be banned by Facebook.

Enjoy our history for it is your history.

Please, share these stories in the English speaking world to make Hungarian history more popular and known.

One more word:

The dew of creation is still new on my Blog. I have to learn all the tricks and have to upload many articles and castles from my FB page “Hungaries 1632” so I ask for your kind patience. There are more than 300 castles are waiting in my Facebook Albums to be displayed.

Wishing you my best intentions at all times:
Szántai Gábor

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